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Keith Koepsel is spending his sabbatical in India on a teacher exchange.  He posts his story as it unfolds over on the message forum at, but I asked him if I could host here all in one place.  As e-mails come in (Parts 1..4), this page will be updated. - webmaster

5/18/2002 - The e-mail that tells the plan.

Note: these sections came over several months, but I just posted them in November...

Emails from Keith

  • Part 1  Here are some highlights of my trip so far. I have finished 14 days, and have about 10 more days until I hit Kashmir. But, this is the last chance to use a friend's computer. From now on, it will be more questionable, as I'll have to use internet cafes. I don't know their system, how crowded, etc.
  • Part 2 I left Singapore early in the morning on June 24th via railroad. I was at the railway station, and went through the lines and had 5 minutes to spare before the train took off. That first train left at 8AM, and arrived at Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia at 2PM on the same day.
  • Part 3 Welcome from India. I hope you are all in good health and spirits. In my last long email in July, I told about the last half of my travels on my way to Leh, Ladakh here in northern India. If you have not gotten parts 1 and 2 of my travelogue in June, please let me know. Since July, I have settled in, both at home and at school. This email, though, will cover the basics of what I have been up to since the fourth of July.
  • Part 4 I am back from my first Nepal Trek, the Annapurna Trek. Below is a slightly shorter version of the story I posted in Most is the same, but I've changed a few things. Tomorrow, I return to Ladakh.
  • Part 5 I have had an interesting month and a half since arriving back in Ladakh in early November. I will give the highlights here. But, first, I have some things I would like to mention, of which you may be interested.
  • Part 6 I pray that all of you are doing well and are in good health. My whirlwind trip of Western and Southern India is done, and I am back in Delhi. In two more days, I will be going back to Leh and minus 30 degree temperatures at night time. Quite a change from the tropics and the beaches, coconut trees, and bananas I've had for the last month!
  • Part 7 I have just gotten back to Delhi after doing my ice trek on the Zanskar River, and am on my way now to Nepal where I plan to hike in to Everest Base Camp before starting to teach again in March. Details of that ice trek are below.
  • Part 8 This is part 8 of 10 of my year's update. This will be the last installment for about 5 months, due to the last leg of my Ladakh teaching, followed by my Rupshu Trek lasting that long. Part 9 will come out in early August, and Part 10 when I'm back in America sometime in September.
  • Part 9  I am finally back to Delhi after 5 months in Leh with slow internet. I will use this email to update you on those past 5 months.
  • Part 10  This is the last of my ten articles telling of my year in India teaching school and visiting that part of the world.

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